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Design Reassurance
DesignSoftware has been tested extensively and the methodology validated by an independent hydraulics consultancy company.
Our ‘in-house’ hydraulic design software has been used successfully by HAURATON technical personnel for over 30 years with total reliability.

Registered users (password protected) have access to safe and secure server storage regarding their final designs.
Designs remain strictly confidential unless users tick to ‘share with HAURATON’.
Registered users have the option to export design files for external storage in their own computers or for sharing with colleagues for further design or discussion.
DesignSoftware has been configured to comply fully with GDPR ‘data privacy’ regulations.

Hydraulic Design - Additional Systems
For hydraulic design of additional HAURATON systems not included within our DesignSoftware, please refer to your HAURATON subsidiary or local trade partner for technical support.

Experience & Expertise
A world leader in the manufacture of modular surface drainage systems, HAURATON drainage products have been supplied onto major projects within international markets for over sixty five years.
We developed our first linear drainage system in 1956. Since that time the HAURATON brand has become known around the world as a benchmark for quality, reliability, durability and service.